Miami Beach Anti-Urban Beach Week Protest Pictures

Over 4th of July weekend 2011 a Miami Beach cop possibly had some drinks at a bar. He definitely picked a chick up at The Cleve, took her for a 5a.m. ATV ride along the shoreline with his headlights off, and pulled a hit and run on a couple of innocent tourists getting ready to enjoy the sunrise over the Atlantic.

Last June, some residents from the City of Miami Beach, and other concerned parties got together for a protest against Urban Beach Weekend, which takes place every year around Memorial Day. Maybe next year the group will protest anti-tourist police violence. Here are some pictures from that event.
South Beach 5-0 - Jacob Katel

TV reporter Glenna Milberg was live on the scene

Concerned citizens

Protest, Protest, Protest!

Umm, is your poster backwards?

Techno did shoot somebody, in Wichita, in '98

Megaphone, Megaphone, Megaphone!

City Hall at the Beach is pretty nice though ain't it?

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