(PICS) The Ancestral Sunrise Remembrance of the Middle Passage Ceremony at Virginia Key Beach 2011

photos - Jacob Katel
Sunday June 19, 2011 near Miami, FL, at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, The 17th Annual Sunrise Ancestral Remembrance of the Middle Passage Ceremony commemorated the harsh realities of chattel slavery over the 400 years of the Atlantic slave trade.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony
Burning sage

Getting together
Family Sunday
Bringing the drums
Blessing the land

The circle of remembrance
Hummingbird the Carib Queen preparing to "smudge" the group with sage
Everybody's energy passes through each other's hands
The blessing with the feather
Dinizulu Gene Tinnie speaks before the group
The group prepares to offer corn as a tribute to the ancestors
Some offerings
A float of offerings will be walked out to sea and sent as an offering to the ancestors
Walking out the offering

Giving thanks

Carl Juste and friend photograph the scene
Thanks to artist Robert McKnight for the invite

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