Miami Reptile Wars

Watch out! There are cold blooded carnivores invading Wynwood and attacking each other on the streets. No, they're not art dealers, they're lizards.
Lizard Fight, Lizard Fight! - Jacob Katel

I witnessed this random act of brutal violence on North Miami Avenue. No cops showed up, and passing traffic didn't seem at all alarmed. I don't know what kind of lizards these are, but, it's possible that both are in the Skink family. I will have to contact a herpetologist to find out for sure.
Lizard Friends 3 - Jacob Katel
 I got some nice video too, check out the surprise ending...

And then, just when I thought the streets were safe, not a half hour later, I witnessed a horrific, bloody murder scene
This Bird Is A Lizard Stabbing Machine - Jacob Katel
Here's The Closeup

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