Shantel Lounge In Liberty City a Black Miami Historical Destination

Sharp Dressed In Liberty City - Jacob Katel
NW 7th Ave at 54th St
The Shantel Lounge on NW 7th Ave at 54th Street has a fish fry every Sunday where you can get the best bbq'd chicken anywhere in Dade County, a free dose of live blues and r&b, and if you're lucky, an inside look at local music history documentation. Black Miami used to be a prime destination for musical legends ranging from Sam Cooke, John Lee Hooker, James Brown, and Nat King Cole, to Billie Holiday, who kept an apartment in the area and could often be found at the Hampton House in Brownsville. Overtown was once the Harlem of the South, and there were live music clubs from OT to Liberty City, Opa Locka and other historic African American communities. Here is a rare look at a primary source describing what some of those clubs were called and where they were located thanks to Edward "Coley" Cole, proprietor of the Shantel Lounge.

Black Miami Club History

A Few Good Clubs

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