Ventanita: A Miami Coffee Window

Here's a shot of a typical Miami coffee ventanita. This one is in the neighborhood called Allapattah, whose name is derived from the Seminole Indian Tribe name for "alligator."

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At a typical ventanita you walk up from the street and order a cafecito (Cuban Espresso with plenty of sugar), or maybe a café con leche (coffee, milk, and sugar), maybe a can of Jupiña (pineapple soda), maybe a Batido De Trigo (a smoothie made of ice, milk, sugar, and cereal), maybe a pastelito de guayaba con queso (guava and cream cheese pastry, maybe a couple of croquetas de jamon (diced ham croquettes), maybe an empanada de pollo (fried dough filled with chicken). Then you eat, you drink, you talk some shit, and you keep it moving.

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