Here Is Why I'm Boycotting Publix

The tomatoes grown in the fields of Immokalee are stained with the blood of an unjust system.

I choose to boycott Publix because they won't support the Coalition Of Immokalee Workers in ensuring that the agricultural workers whose labor supplies their store shelves with product are paid a fair and living wage. While Publix Supermarket continually refuses to cooperate in seeing that they are paid even one penny more per pound of tomatoes they pick, their PR machines churn out radio, television, and print advertisements about how family and community oriented they are.

I recently attended a protest staged by the CIW at a new Publix in Southwest Miami-Dade, and I refuse to purchase any more products from any Publix knowing that they insist on staying out of what the New York Times recently hailed as "perhaps the most succesful labor action in the U.S. in twenty years."

A majority of America's winter tomatoes come from the fields of Immokalee, Florida, near Naples. Human slavery, workers in chains, forced labor, and unjust imprisonment are not uncommon there.

Here are some pictures from the protest, hopefully they give you something to think about.

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