About Me

Jacob Katel

Multimedia Expert

Writer, Reporter, Photographer, Video, Viral Media, Content Marketing, Traffic Strategy, Metadata, SEO, Optimization, 360 


Featured Author at Miami International Book Fair 2015 and 2017 http://miamibookfair.com/events_author/jacob-katel/

Featured Filmmaker - Miami International Film Festival 2016 - http://2016.miamifilmfestival.com/films/ive-never-not-been-from-miami/

Exhibiting Artist - Huffer Collective "Save Your Selves" Nov 2016 - Jan 2017 - Locust Projects 

- Cuban Coffee Windows of Miami 
- A People's History of Overtown vol. 1
- Inside The Music Biz with Henry Stone from T.K. Records
- The Stone Cold Truth On Payola with Henry Stone from T.K. Records
- My Rise 2 Fame with Fresh Kid Ice from 2 Live Crew
- Restaurant Kitchens of Miami (2008-2011)