Tomás Regalado's Name Spelled Wrong On Plaque at Historic Cemetery

Politicians love seeing their names commemorated. Too bad Tomás Regalado's is spelled wrong on both sides of a huge, and probably very expensive plaque at the historically designated Miami City Cemetery, which is a pretty cool place to ride a bike through if you're in the downtown area.
Notice the plaque is from 2004. Maybe nobody ever bothered to tell Tomás, who was then a commissioner, and is now Mayor of the City of Miami, about the egregious gaffe. I find it hard to believe there wasn't a ceremony held to celebrate the plaque's dedication, but maybe neither he, nor anybody from the Herald, or New Times was there that day or ever once since. I think it's funny. Here are a couple of closeup images detailing the fine handiwork behind the name "Tomás Regaldo."

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