Alex Daoud, and Muhammad Ali, and Alex Daoud

Before he wrote Sins of South Beach, before he was indicted, before he went to prison, before he was a corrupt mayor of Miami Beach, Alex Daoud was a city commissioner who put in extra hours for the city running the type of special enforcements, and "attitude adjustments," with his police buddies, that sent Mariel-era criminals off the tops of bridges. Here's a shot I made of the guy after an interview I was writing up for a Jerry Powers magazine that went bankrupt before the issue ever hit print. Alex Daoud is a pretty cool dude though.
Alex Daoud, and Muhammad Ali, and Alex Daoud - Jacob Katel

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  1. This guy by far is the cruest human being i have ever encountered. He abused my sister kelly and i relentlessly and treats woman like trash, He only cares about his needs and only looks forward to hurting others thru revenge as he is a natural sadist